Mar 30

BCST - High altitude hunting, horses, and human prehistory in the Mongolian Altai

Beringia Centre Science Talks (#BCST) are back for a fourth season! Join us as we explore fascinating topics in archaeology, natural science, and palaeontology.

For this talk, we'll be joined by Dr. William Taylor to discuss hunting, horses, and human pre-history in Mongolia.

Despite the importance of Mongolia's horse cultures in shaping Eurasian prehistory, the origins of the region's unique pastoral cultures have proven difficult to trace in the archaeological record. New discoveries from archaeological research at high altitude snow and ice patches in the Altai Mountain range shows that mountain hunting has played a key role in subsistence in the region for millennia, and shakes up our understanding of the region's role in early horse domestication. Unfortunately, as the climate warms, melting ice and wildlife loss threaten both these rare archaeological snapshots into the past, as well as the viability of traditional lifeways in the 21st century.

Join us LIVE on Facebook and Zoom on Thursday March 30, 2023 @ 11 am PDT. Click here to go to the Facebook event. Can't watch on Facebook? Register for the Zoom call here