How to Capture the Past a Bottle?

Sunday, September 23  How to Capture the Past …in a Bottle?  –free event


Canada C3 Expedition: The Yukon Perspective

January 7 @ 7pm -Canada C3 Expedition: The Yukon Perspective


Cozy Game Day and a Movie --Clue PG

December 31 –12pm to 5 pm Cozy Game Day and a Movie –Clue PG

The last day of 2017, and you want to make sure it’s a day to remember.  And what could be more memorable than playing classic holiday games in an award-winning architectural space surrounded by ice age critters?  Come play a round or two of your favourite game (set up in stations around the Centre) and then sit back in our theatre and watch the Hollywood film version of the famous, who-done-it board game, Clue.  Show times: 12:30 pm and 3:00 pm.  (Admission by donation to the Whitehorse Food bank)


Classic Cartoons and Toaster Tarts

December 30 –9 am to 1 pm Classic Cartoons and Toaster Tarts

The long wait is over: it is time to go to Beringia Centre to check out the results of the Great stocking experiment.  This meticulously designed and rigorously implemented scientific experiment was to put out stockings over Christmas and see if you get the same results at a museum as you do at home.  It worked last year, but will it work again? 


Salt-Dough Ornaments

Imagine a Yukon without Christmas trees, it’s easy if you try.  While this may be part of our regular ice-age messaging, this Sunday we will celebrate the presence and power trees.  In recent times, these woody wonders have taken over much of our territory, and they are not done yet.  They are still marching northward, claiming our tundra at an alarming rate.   We’ve got more trees than you can shake a stick at!  So go ahead, release your inner lumberjack, and chop one down – its Christmas.


The Great Stocking Experiment 3

When researchers first approached the Beringia Centre with their proposal to conduct The Great Stocking Experiment here, management was skeptical.  The hypothesis that Santa might fill up stockings left up over Christmas in a Museum seemed like utter madness   However, after two years of careful experimentation, that is exactly what the data appears to show.  


Ice Age Continues – Let’s beat the winter blues!

We watched the first Ice Age movie – now we move onto the next one in the series. We will be showing the second Ice Age: The Meltdown. So come break those winter blues and watch what happens to our favourite characters Sid, Manny, and Diego. But don’t just come to watch a movie, come join us as we transport to somewhere warm.

Unlike our fellow heroes we want to get away from the cold. The best place to do this will be at the Beringia Centre! So wear those beach shorts (under some snow pants of course) and join us as we have some beach treats and watch Ice Age: The Meltdown.


Ice Age Kick-Off Pajama Party!

It’s cold and snowy so we decided to throw a party! What kind of party you may ask? Well it’ll be a pajama party. So come to the Beringia Centre and join Sid, Manny and Diego for a pajama party. What makes a pajama party even better? Like Sid would say -  food of course. In addition to movies, pajamas, there will also be pop tarts.

So bring your blankets and come in your pajamas and get all cozied up and watch the first Ice Age.

The Centre opens at 12 PM and movie begins at 1 PM. Regular admission applies.

We can’t wait to see all those amazing PJS!


Let it Snow - In the Beringia Centre

It’s s(no)w time like the present to get crafty! It has become a tradition that we’ve decorated the Centre with paper snowflakes, and this year is no different! But we are taking it to the next level. In addition to the snowflakes, we will be creating icicles. Come make some awesome snow crafts and learn about the importance of snow for life in the north. You can take your snowflakes home or leave them for many others to appreciate them. 

But hold on! Snowy times call for some snowy treats. After all that hard work have a break and enjoy a frozen treat.



You have not experienced Halloween until you have been surrounded by ravenous ice-age animals and soaring skeletons, and feel that growing tingle up your spine that culminates in a heart-halting realization…they’re watching me! Melodramatic –maybe –but one thing is for sure, it will be Beringia like you have never seen it before, with the lights turned-off and the creep cranked-up full hair-raising ROAR!