How to Capture the Past a Bottle?

Sunday, September 23  How to Capture the Past …in a Bottle?  –free event


Canada C3 Expedition: The Yukon Perspective

January 7 @ 7pm -Canada C3 Expedition: The Yukon Perspective


Cozy Game Day and a Movie --Clue PG

December 31 –12pm to 5 pm Cozy Game Day and a Movie –Clue PG

The last day of 2017, and you want to make sure it’s a day to remember.  And what could be more memorable than playing classic holiday games in an award-winning architectural space surrounded by ice age critters?  Come play a round or two of your favourite game (set up in stations around the Centre) and then sit back in our theatre and watch the Hollywood film version of the famous, who-done-it board game, Clue.  Show times: 12:30 pm and 3:00 pm.  (Admission by donation to the Whitehorse Food bank)


Classic Cartoons and Toaster Tarts

December 30 –9 am to 1 pm Classic Cartoons and Toaster Tarts

The long wait is over: it is time to go to Beringia Centre to check out the results of the Great stocking experiment.  This meticulously designed and rigorously implemented scientific experiment was to put out stockings over Christmas and see if you get the same results at a museum as you do at home.  It worked last year, but will it work again? 


Celebrate Culture Days with Wild and Woolly at Beringia Centre

September 30  Wild and Woolly at Beringia Centre 

So you think modern Yukon is wild?  Well, be prepared to walk on the wild side –the real wild side –where mammoths, scimitar cats and giant short-faced bears roamed.  Prehistoric Yukon makes modern Yukon look like a petting zoo.  And what's more: it was one of the first places in North America culture shows up!  Take part in our Ice Age Challenge –and see if you could have survived 10, 000 years B.C..  (Hint: it involves pointy sticks). 


Discovery Day at Beringia Centre

Monday, August 20 -Discovery Day at Beringia Centre –free admission


Celebrate Canada Day at the Beringia Centre

July 1, 2018 - Celebrate Canada Day at the Beringia Centre

Happy birthday Canada! To celebrate Canada's 151st birthday the Beringia Centre is offering FREE admission on July 1, 2018 from 9am to 6pm.


Climate Change Debate

Sunday, July 8 - Climate Change Debate


The Great Beringia Easter Egg Hunt

Saturday, March 31 -The Great Beringia Easter Egg Hunt –Bunny Trails Edition! 

It’s back –our ever popular Easter Egg Hunt –and it promises to be another hopping one!  Recently archaeologists, studying satellite imagery, have discovered what may be the earliest evidence of bunny trails ever found in Yukon, and early analysis suggests that these bunny trails are actually …Easter Bunny trails!   What makes this discovery even more mind-blowing and unbelievable is that these fossil trails seem to converge around the Beringia Centre. Say what?


Welcome Birds! Welcome Spring!

Sunday, March 11  Welcome Birds! Welcome spring!  Birdfeeder-craft and movie –Winged Migration

Come and join us for a crafty afternoon at the Beringia Centre and make a bird feeder to use this spring and summer. Choose a perch style, your own colour palette and select different decorative items to make your birdfeeder stand out!   Please bring your own Milk Carton to transform into a backyard birdfeeder.