Dec 28

Are You Feeling Lucky, Nerf Nerd?

We’re finally doing it –Museum sacrilege that is –Nerf Guns.
You read right …Nerf Guns. Okay, we are not going to run around shooting everything in sight –our Fun-Shoot will be a civilized, controlled event for serious Nerf aficionados only! Okay …nerf newbies and nerf wannabes can come too.
Come join us for a fun way to learn about a serious topic. Could humans with sharp sticks really have caused one of the biggest extinction events in planetary history? And what about the final frontier: space? Are we the only big-brained hunting species out there? Let’s check out Star Trek –it has all the answers!

1:00 Nerf Gun Competition (No need to bring your own, we will supply the heat)
2:30 Star Trek (PG 13, 2009 version)

Feel free to drop-in anytime and all ages are welcome!
Admission: by donation to the food bank

Visit the Whitehorse Food Bank website to see a list of permitted items: