Apr 21

The Great Beringia Easter Egg Hunt

We are dissecting the Easter Bunny … just kidding!

But a few pint-sized skeptics have challenged the whole Easter Bunny/Beringia Centre phenomenon, a sentiment we whole-heartedly embrace, after all, we are a scientific institution.   I mean, it does seem pretty far-fetched – every year at Easter, a chocolate-dispensing mammal magically shows up and plasters the place with candy.  And, while it may seem a little risky to “poke and prod” what’s proven to be a reliable source of chocolate, in the name of science, we will “dissect” the Easter Bunny!

Come join us for a fascinating glimpse into the Easter Bunny …phenomenon …as we attempt to trap the elusive critter and for the first time put it under a microscope. What is really going on here, what biological systems could possibly produce such sweet nectar, and how is it delivered!  Don’t worry, we will wait until its dropped its you know what.., so there should be plenty of chocolate to go around!


12 pm – Classic Indoor Easter Egg Hunt (5 and under)

12 pm – Outdoor Scavenger “Egg Hunt” (6 and over)

1:15 pm – Early Man (PG) movie