Apr 20

BCST - Ice age ashes and the mystery of the Old Crow tephra

Beringia Centre Science Talks (#BCST) are back for a fourth season! Join us as we explore fascinating topics in archaeology, natural science, and palaeontology.

This week, we're joined by Dr. Britta Jensen and Dr. Alberto Reyes from University of Alberta.

Ice age sediments in Beringia contain at least a hundred unique volcanic ashes. These ashes, which are called “tephra” by geologists, are critically important for making sense of the complex sedimentary record in Yukon and Alaska. In this talk, Britta and Alberto will share how tephra deposits have been instrumental in resolving key scientific questions in Beringia, including genomes from ancient fossils, long-term reconstructions of permafrost behavior, and paleoclimate. They will also present new results on a study of the Old Crow tephra, the most widespread tephra in Beringia, which is critical for understanding the most recent period of sustained warm climate in Yukon and Alaska.

Join us LIVE on Facebook and Zoom on Thursday April 20, 2023 @ 11 am PDT. Click here to go to the Facebook event. Can't watch on Facebook? Register for the Zoom call here.