Feb 04

March WITH the Penguins!

Sunday, February 4 –1:00 pm March WITH the Penguins!

In need of some motivation to endure the cold winter temperatures? You will be in awe of the perseverance, dedication and strength of Emperor penguins, the largest penguins on earth, as you watch the film March of the Penguins. Thanks to a combination of biological features and cooperative behaviours Emperor penguins, endemic to Antarctica, survive temperatures as low as -80°C. Come and be inspired by the beauty of Antarctica and survival traits and techniques to get through brutally cold winters. You may even leave with some new tricks for staying warm up through the Yukon winter!

In a show of solidarity we invite all attendees to “march” with the penguins. Come dressed in black and white and even bring a black and white snack to enjoy during the film. After the film a brief and optional (10-15 minute) discussion will take place where participants will be invited to share thoughts and reflections about the film. The ultimate black and white snack, the Oreo, will be provided by Beringia! (Regular admission applies).


March of the Penguins (English with French subtitles) – 1:00 pm