Dec 30

Classic Cartoons and Toaster Tarts

December 30 –9 am to 1 pm Classic Cartoons and Toaster Tarts

The long wait is over: it is time to go to Beringia Centre to check out the results of the Great stocking experiment.  This meticulously designed and rigorously implemented scientific experiment was to put out stockings over Christmas and see if you get the same results at a museum as you do at home.  It worked last year, but will it work again? 

In honour of this anticipated day, we are asking you to come in your favourite stockings, socks, or slippers.   Our footwear fashionistas (aka Beringia staff) will post pictures of your festive and frilly feet on Facebook.  And to boot, we will be play classic cartoons and serve toaster tarts all morning.  Whether you were a participant in the Great Stocking Experiment or not, come enjoy a laid back cartoon-laden Saturday with us …till the sugar kicks in!  (Admission by donation to the Whitehorse Food bank)