Sep 30

Celebrate Culture Days with Wild and Woolly at Beringia Centre

September 30  Wild and Woolly at Beringia Centre 

So you think modern Yukon is wild?  Well, be prepared to walk on the wild side –the real wild side –where mammoths, scimitar cats and giant short-faced bears roamed.  Prehistoric Yukon makes modern Yukon look like a petting zoo.  And what's more: it was one of the first places in North America culture shows up!  Take part in our Ice Age Challenge –and see if you could have survived 10, 000 years B.C..  (Hint: it involves pointy sticks). 

Celebrate Culture Days at Beringia Centre –it will be wild, woolly ….and free!  Atlatl-building workshop –1 pm start time.  Free admission all day–open 12pm to 5pm. 

To view the full list of Culture Day events in the Yukon visit this link: